Sunday, September 6, 2009

Stan Meyer Video Inventor

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Political Situation What Happen to Stan?

What are we doing to do about the concerns about our nation and what we have become a Nation of Gangsters. Taking oil and at the cost of many lives and not telling the truth about the war and why is exist. We need to be honest and tell people about what is really going on, I'm sure you see that people out there going crazy rejecting the government. If you watch closely even the media is controlling the hype of this and making it no better.

In My discovery about a man who was an inventor who made a system that would solve most of our corruption in the world. But the mistake he made we trying to legalize his invention as well as he tried going to other countries to get the patient and was offered millions to stop his project. after being offered crazy amounts of money he decided that he must be on the right track. If you do not believe this story check into it yourself his name was Stan Meyer, one of the greatest inventor off all time. He designed a car that ran on water it was so great that you could use snow that would melt and use that water as well now. Lets get to the good of this now he had done 15 to 30 years of research and now ended up dead no one confirmed what happened to Stan Meyer he was an Icon that many do not know about.

For now there some people who still will support this great invention because we are facing wars over oil Mr. Meyer's solved our problems years ago. But our nation failed in telling us they would rather take over other countries and Stan was located in Fayette County Ohio why anyone want to do harm to this man no one has looked into the importance of his invention even NASA could be running on water sounds crazy. Once I got an Email from someone who was marketing a chemical that you could change your water into GAS. I deleted that Email thinking the guy was crazy but when you think about it maybe our government is already doing this we would never know but the truth is that once your looked at as a problem to the over seeing eye in America you must be more careful then ever. I think that Stan Meyer's was almost about to release and get a patient for this invention and the money offered was a bribe to shut him up. But he was a solider in a war in his own country now. We have this new President who is trying to step up to the plate and we are in doubt about his agenda.

America our Presidents are not in charge of this country there are people who they have to consult with before a press release and there are other issues that we have to accept if they talk about everything who knows what could happen but look at everything this was no one really knows what happened to John F. Kennedy and the why he was shot from more then one angle. I remember William M. Cooper decided to give a theory on what happened to him and look at him as well, Mr William M. Cooper was also killed so why are we fighting wars for oil when we have people here in our own country who can solve our problems with the economic problems but going to have millions killed is more important then the American dollar.

Stan Meyers Patents existed in Europe and Japan but America prolonged him for more then 3 years. This is a political outrage when we are loosing lives because someone does not want someone else to get rich. This man Stan Meyers has a invention that made Hydrogen and Oxygen creating a fuel now if your following me in this article Stan would have solved all of our troubles are far as I am concerned. Once this machine would have been built this would be a box that would be planted in your car that you would be about to use water and make a nation of cars running on fuel that is not explosive. So why is projects like this a threat because of money Arabs have told him to back down and I am sure there have been people here in this country that have not allowed America to grow.